6th place in Bouquet/Garter (Action)

This photograph, taken by Pawel Sarota, was awarded 6th place in the Bouquet/Garter (Action) category for the WPJA's 2015 Q4 Photography Contest.

Judges Comments

  • Invariably the groom seems to run into these sort of issues when tossing the traditional garter. Actually, among every groom I’ve witnessed - it’s never a toss. The elastic is just too hard to avoid. It’s like they’re reliving all the times they’ve stretched out a rubber band on their index finger and fired it straight and true, hopefully, into the back of an unsuspecting head. Unfortunately, by the time you get married, you’re out of practice (at least we can hope so) and it usually flops somewhere between the slinging groom and the male singles in the room. But, this image is different. A high arching shot has landed high upon the chandelier. What a dreary shot it was. Oh dear.

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