1st place in Pleasure / Pain

This photograph, taken by Fabio Mirulla, was awarded 1st place in the Pleasure / Pain category for the WPJA's 2015 Q3 Photography Contest.

Judges Comments

  • This is a moment in life you don’t often see and is emotionally gripping. I like the way the photographer kept a distance and allowed this bride to grieve for her lost relative. It’s a touching moment where we can still see her face and the arm extended in support by the groom. My eyes welled up in tears imagining her pain.
  • The top images in this category not only had great moments (a must for this category), but told a story. I thought this image allowed the viewer to share a very personal moment with the bride and groom. The photographer was also sensitive to the bride by keeping a bit of distance, but still creating strong composition.
  • A bride expresses her loss as the groom reaches out to gently touch her arm as they both kneel before the grave of a lost loved one, embracing a departed life in unity with their new life together, a juxtaposition of pain and pleasure. One book is closed and another opens.

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