3rd place in Send Off/Departure

This photograph, taken by Luca Panvini, was awarded 3rd place in the Send Off/Departure category for the WPJA's 2014 Q3 Photography Contest.

Judges Comments

  • This is a great gift to the client to establish sense-of-place of the wedding. I love this as a final image of the day.
  • There is a subtle and gentle feel to this photo that makes you feel as though you are an unassuming traveler watching a rite and passage of village life. The viewer becomes purveyor insistent on a vicarious journey with VIP access to the inner realm of something more. With all of the minimalist simplicity of this image, I find it intriguing that it is almost fantastical and larger than life. Wow. What a journey it is when good photojournalism holds the reins.

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