1st place in First Dance

Wedding Photographer Andre Mansano of , Brazil

Wedding photographer Andre Mansano, was awarded 1st place in the First Dance category for the WPJA's 2014 Q3 Photography Contest.


  • So fun, everyone is caught up in this moment.
  • It is often hard to make a great photo of the first dance because it is such a controlled event. So when the photographer has a little gift of spontaneity it is worth celebrating. Nice job.
  • This is such a delightful image as a child is swept up in the swirl of a bridal gown at a dance. How could she resist something as beautiful as that flowing gown, sparkling beneath the dizzy array of dance floor lights, sounds and movement? Thankfully the photographer chose the right time and place to enter the scene and become "childlike" enough to enter the scene with the click of a shutter.

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