7th place in Shoe Details

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Overijssel, Netherlands

Indra Simons

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Wedding photographer Indra Simons, was awarded 7th place for photo 1449261 in the Shoe Details category for the WPJA's 2014 Q2 Photography Contest.

The WPJA contest judges presented Indra Simons, a Overijssel, Netherlands wedding photographer, with this Master Piece Award as recognition for top wedding photojournalism in the industry.

The leading documentary wedding photographers in the world enter their best photos to the Wedding Photojournalist Association's photography competitions. They want their wedding reportage photographs to be evaluated and selected by some of the most notable and respected working picture editors and photojournalists in the news industry (these are not wedding photographers or other WPJA members judging their work). Winning these competitions is a true accomplishment for a wedding photographer.

2014 Q2 Photography Contest Judges


  • Sit down and relax inside this photo. Sure, that's some awesome footwear but it's time to grab a beer, sit down and relax a tad. In short, this image communicates well because it suggests (creates) something felt as much as it is seen - the vicarious experience of good visual imagery.