1st place in Transportation

Wedding Photographer Christophe Viseux of Ontario, Canada

Wedding photographer Christophe Viseux, was awarded 1st place for photo 1328361 in the Transportation category for the WPJA's 2013 Q4 Contest.


  • The contrast of the gun and the bride is a rare find. This picture was haunting because of this juxtaposition and because of the expression on the bride's face. Definitely storytelling and a powerful image in any contest.
  • A striking and unsettling image. Feels much more journalistic than nuptial. The bride's expression is storytelling and I also like the added detail of the hand at the right reaching in.
  • In the United States we don’t normally catch a ride to the wedding accompanied by an AK-47. The greatest fears experienced by most brides worldwide is more likely related to the details of the day such as makeup, hair, or flowers. And yet, security is a primary concern in many locales. Here, the all-consuming visual of an assault rifle is juxtaposed with a bride and her white veil, her brow furrowed in worry or anticipation. We can only hope that she is thinking only of her desire for a beautiful celebration of marriage.

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