17th place in Details (Found)

Wedding Photographer Kate McElwee of Massachusetts, United States
Massachusetts, United States

Kate McElwee

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Wedding photographer Kate McElwee, was awarded 17th place for photo 1365746 in the Details (Found) category for the WPJA's 2013 Q4 Contest.

Photographer's Comment

The groom and groomsmen were hanging out outside towards the end of the wedding. It was a cold night, but the atmosphere was great, everyone joking around. I wanted to capture a candid photo of the groom, and I decided to frame him with his friend's cigar to bring in what was happening in the scene. The smoke in the air comes from both the cigars, and the guys' hot breath on that cold night. I added a little pop of off camera flash to the left and back of the frame, providing a little rim light on both the groom in the background, and the cigar in the foreground. This helped make these elements stand out in the photo, as well as provide additional light.


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