1st place in Silhouettes and Shadows

Arizona, United States

Tina Wright

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This photograph, taken by Tina Wright, was awarded 1st place in the Silhouettes and Shadows category for the WPJA's 2011 Q2 Contest.

Judges Comments

  • The men smoking cigars with the back lit smoke lends itself to this category. The visual entry point on the bottom right starts the tour of the jovial fellows on the wedding day.,
  • Elements nicely composed, using the light and shadows to full effect. ,
  • They may be unhealthy, but cigars certainly supply smoke that makes for a moody photograph. The lighting keeps the image stark and simple, but you can spend time studying the different faces; what the men are doing - blowing smoke, lighting a cigar, talking; the texture of their haircuts. The strength of this photo is its content, not simply its technique.,
  • All smoke and mirrors before the wedding. The photographer captures an intimate scene of boys being boys accentuated by a great use of light, moments, and layering. ,

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