1st place in Reception

This photograph, taken by Tatiana Garanina, was awarded 1st place in the Reception category for the WPJA's 2011 Q2 Contest.

Judges Comments

  • Don't see this very often and I'm sure the woman carrying the cake wasn't pleased. Now the moment that occurred can be shown in a photo and not just told as a story only.,
  • We know what the next frame is, but this is the one we want to see. Very fun.,
  • Hope there was a bakery open to get a replacement cake! Talk about being in the right place at the right time and reacting quickly. You can't plan for a photo like this, but you do get credit for framing the disaster effectively. The wedding party looks like they found humor in the situation, and the band played on, so it feels ok to laugh.,
  • Certainly a fresh take on a highly photographed scene. The success of this image was in the anticipation of a perceptive photographer. The hilarity of this moment made even funnier by the expressions of the amused bride and groom. Priceless-,

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