9th place in Creative Portrait

This photograph, taken by Shira Weinberger, was awarded 9th place in the Creative Portrait category for the WPJA's 2011 Q1 Contest.

Judges Comments

  • This image is obviously imbued with intimacy, the kind of romanticism any bride and groom would hope for in a photograph. But, it's usually not enough to simply photograph a tender moment. The hidden elements are the mechanics of visual literacy and this image speaks for a few simple reasons. First, of course, is the moment. None of our efforts as photographers amount to much, other than a pretty picture, without finding a great moment. Second, is how the leading lines of the bride's arm (lower right) and the darkened edge of the lamp (upper left) lead us to the moment. Third, the moment is framed by the bright lights at left and right and within the frame of the mirror itself. Finally, color plays a powerful role exuding warmth to the scene that "mirrors" the warmth of the moment.

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