1st place in Creative Portrait

Washington, United States

Siang Loo

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This photograph, taken by Siang Loo, was awarded 1st place in the Creative Portrait category for the WPJA's 2011 Q1 Contest.

Judges Comments

  • This photograph not only tops the category but in my mind tops all other category winners. I have not seen this done before. It is beautiful and unique. How did you do that? Fabulous!
  • The balance of light in this image begs intriguing scrutiny. But, on closer look, we find eight darkened lamps in the shape of umbrellas on the wall behind, one for each of the wedding party (not counting the bride and groom). And, if the continuity is still not enough to amaze you, then consider the color shift on the beam within the building that mirrors the color of those green umbrellas. Finally, consider that every person in the group is on cue with nary a goofy look among them, then hopefully you'll say, "Wow," with me.

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