1st place in The Cake

This photograph, taken by Abram Eric Landes, was awarded 1st place in the The Cake category for the WPJA's 2010 Q3.

Photographer's Comment

Cutting the Cake. It began as a polite interaction between the newlywed trouble-makers, but for the record - she started it. As a wedding photographer who also covers extreme sports, it is always important to be ready and react to situations as they unfold. I enjoy being close to the action but not in the way of it, and always having the right settings/equipment to make the picture right is my priority. In this case, I needed to have a speed-light and be in manual metering mode to create a properly exposed image, since the tent was much darker than the outdoor scene behind them. This is still one of my favorite wedding photographs (and weddings that I have had the pleasure of photographing!) since the whole day was filled with fun and lively characters that kept me moving.

Judges Comments

  • Another classic cake in the face moment. Nice execution.
  • Here's a fun photo from a scene that can often go awkwardly awry. I've seen hundreds of "cake stuffing" images but I can't recall any that I liked as much as this. Perhaps it's because their faces are somewhat obscured, creating a moment that becomes more iconic than isolated in the event. Maybe it's the shutter speed capturing the chunks of chocolate cake falling from the playfulness of the scene. Maybe it's the light and composition of the image that fills the frame in a way that accentuates the moment. Or perhaps it's simply a great photo where everything works together at once. Whatever it is.. from background to foreground, the image "works."

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