5th place in Getting Ready

This photograph, taken by Anna Kalina Ciesielska, was awarded 5th place in the Getting Ready category for the WPJA's 2008 Q1.

Judges Comments

  • I like the emotional connection between the woman lying on the bed before her wedding. The photo has a dreamy and wistful, dreamlike quality that I respond to. There is no turning back from this moment. Once she puts on the dress she will never be the same as she prepares to share her life with her fiance. I can think of so many scenarios that are interesting that go along with this photograph and that makes it compelling. It also has nice light and composition and it's clean and to the point. Not all photographs have to have complex compositions and be about layers. This photograph is understated, yet powerful. It doesn't get simpler than this. Natural, soft light, and a beautiful moment combine to make an image that just "feels" dreamy. Exposing for the rapidly falling off window light is what keeps this image so simple and helps to get rid of any unneeded details.

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