5th place in Kids

This photograph, taken by Nicole Wickens, was awarded 5th place in the Kids category for the WPJA's 2007 BRIDES Magazine.

Judges Comments

  • There were a few exhausted kids images in this grouping, many of which could have been a winner. This image elevated itself in the simple yet great composition that placed these two tired kids on one plane of focus, and interest, thereby emphasizing their condition and opinion of this adult event. There were numerous images of children sleeping at weddings. After all, children are almost always present and a wedding party can extend well past the normal bedtimes of a child. But this one rose above the others with good composition, wonderful lighting that accentuated the difficult nature of their predicament. The fact that they are still in full attire was the final coup de gras. Great composition. Very sweet image. Beautifully composed shot - love the dynamic overhead view. So funny that their hands and bodies are in almost the same position.

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