3rd place in Kids

Wedding Photographer Kevin Quinlan of Maryland, United States
Maryland, United States

Kevin Quinlan

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Wedding photographer Kevin Quinlan, was awarded 3rd place in the Kids category for the WPJA's 2007 BRIDES Magazine.


  • Perfect framing of a priceless moment. Vantage uses the dance floor as a clean backdrop, focus is flawless. Priceless! One can imagine the boy having been told, urged kindly or ordered to dance with the little girl, and now, on the floor with her, his eyes so surely express his amusement, or is it frustration, as he does his duty. His open hand - the girl grips it but he doesn't grip back - is another indicator that he's just doing what he's been told to do. And we can't see the girl's face, but the tilt of her neck suggests all the while she more than literally looks up to - admires - her older dance partner. The adults at the wedding must have enjoyed this moment. It made me laugh - priceless. Like every kid in a tuxedo has ever felt - totally mortified. Beautifully composed photo. The little girl looks up at the older boy with adoration, and he sheepishly is so pleased about it.

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