1st place in Kids

North Carolina, United States

Brooke Mayo

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This photograph, taken by Brooke Mayo, was awarded 1st place in the Kids category for the WPJA's 2007 BRIDES Magazine.

Judges Comments

  • Iconic image. Boy's expression is priceless. Environment adds ambiance and has the feel of a Norman Rockwell painting. There are many little things that make this such an effective image. The boy's jacket so slightly tilting the sign that serves as an identifier for the action. The large leaf he so oddly holds (is it something he found on the ground and felt attached to?). His earnest questioning but patient and trusting look as his father (?) adjusts his collar. What a wonderful scene. The little boy is getting all dressed up to look so adult yet he is still holding a leaf. Despite his mature outfit he is still pouting and seems as if he just wants to go play. The photographer has included great details in the shot including the jacket hanging on the sign. Beautiful framing - priceless look caught on the little boy's face. The look on this little boy's face is priceless! You can tell he'd rather be in the woods than in a suit. The boy's face is so funny. This little jacket hanging on the sign is great too. Such a funny shot of a boy who's obviously miserable and a grown-up who looks past his misery to methodically get him dressed for the wedding.

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