3rd place in Panorama

This photograph, taken by Larry Stanley, was awarded 3rd place in the Panorama category for the WPJA's 2006 Summer.

Photographer's Comment

Sometimes the most serene moments yield breathtaking images. I had just finished shooting on the side of this hill at the Paw's Up Retreat near Missoula, Montana. We called it a 'wrap' and the couple had turned and starting walking down toward the horses they rode in on, when her comes this truck barreling down the road below. My eye caught the potential of this image and I banged off 3 or 4 frames with delight. By far this was the best image of that hillside session. Yeehaw!!!!

Judges Comments

  • I liked the simplicity of this image and the car coming down the road, creating all the dust was the extra element that elevated this from a nice image to one that was a moment. Another fine picture that relies on layering to give us depth and a sense of place. We enter that landscape by following a zigzag line that starts in the grass to the couples right, goes left to the dusty road, which it follows right to the line of trees, which end on the left side of the frame at a small road that takes us right and out of the frame. That's a cool bunch of layers that makes this picture seem bigger than it is. And there's the nice moment of the bride's cocked head and the look from Mr. Cowboy, too. Nice.

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