2nd place in Silhouettes, Shadows & Light

Florida, United States

Dan Harris

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This photograph, taken by Dan Harris, was awarded 2nd place in the Silhouettes, Shadows & Light category for the WPJA's 2006 Spring.

Photographer's Comment

Fast action dancing photos combining background ambient light with foreground flash are some of the most difficult to capture. Often the job of the photographer is to pull together a coherent story from the chaos. It took nearly a dozen images to get this winner. Patience and persistence ultimately paid off.

Judges Comments

  • What a different dance picture, and done very well. It took a good eye to spot this and make it work. It is very rare to make a picture with this many people, in which every element contributes to the whole. All those perfectly upraised arms, mirrored by those crazy shadows, reinforced by the little faces made happy with dance. Nice.

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