Results for Contest v16 and AG v02!

There's much news to include in this update — Artistic Guild v02 winners for DETAILS, WPJA v16 winners, info about deadline changes, more!

Announcing the new Artistic Guild – Details winners!

In this 2018 v02 Artistic Guild contest for "Details" images, we had among the more imaginative and creative expressions of wedding photography we've ever seen. There were nearly 30 gold medallion winners from among this crop, meaning all 4 judges selected those images. But many of the blue medallion and purple medallion winning photos are breathtaking or intriguing as well. Take a look.

Announcing the WPJA v16 winners!

There was also some truly outstanding work from WPJA members submitted for the v16 contest — of which we warned our judges in advance. "You’re right," one said. "It was challenging. Many great images to choose from." Another judge was even more moved: "A strong set of images from 2018 v16. The category was full of moments and emotional connection between families and friends. I was impressed with the diversity of images. There were some that were shot wide, but had powerful layering and moments in every corner. There were dramatically tight frames that took me right into a great face. What all my choices had in common were strong storytelling. Each image stood on its own as a great moment of the day. It was a difficult edit, but in the end I feel the top pictures represented community and the spirit of each event. Very nice work."

I think you'll agree. And congratulations to all of our winners, both in the Artistic Guild - Details competition and in the WPJA v16 contest.

Many thanks to our judges!  We had the same set of judges for the 2018 WPJA v16 contest as we did for the Artistic Guild v02 - Details competition.

Click on their names to learn more about the careers and qualifications of these photojournalism leaders:

Martha Rial
David Leeson
Jeanie Adams-Smith
Eric Strachan

There are new deadlines for the remaining 2018 contests.  So that all of our members' work in 2018 has a chance at winning recognition in these competitions, we're announcing revised deadlines for the two remaining 2018 Artistic Guild competitions:

2018 v03 Artistic Guild - **Portraits**: Submission deadline is *Wednesday, January 9, 2019*, at 11:59pm EST.
2018 v04 Artistic Guild - **Details**: Submission deadline is *Wednesday, January 23, 2019*, at 11:59pm EST.

And as a reminder, the last four WPJA rounds currently have deadlines of November 28, December 12, and January 2 and January 16 next year.