Results for Contest 2019 v01!

Results for the first of the year's primary contests for Wedding Photojournalist Association members are in and the winning images have been posted!

The 2019 v01 competition starts us off for the year's 20 contests with an astounding crop of talent. Take a look at this contest's winning images.

Top 5 for v01

1. Meg Brock - USA

2. Nikhol Esteras - Mexico

3. Indra Simons - Netherlands

4. Jacob Hannah - USA

5. Renan Radici - Brazil

Your judges for 2019 v01 were:

Jen Tse is a photo editor and writer based in New York. In 2017, she was Newsweek's acting Director of Photography. Prior to Newsweek, she worked for TIME Magazine, NOOR Images, and 500px. Prior to moving to New York in 2015, she worked as a visual journalist and editor in Toronto, Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Bangkok. Read more about Jen Tse.

Michael Ainsworth is a former staff photographer at The Dallas Morning News. He was one of the staffers at the DMN who were honored to receive the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News for their coverage of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Read more about Michael Ainsworth.

Susan Walsh joined the Associated Press in the early 1990s. After her stint as president of the White House News Photographers Association, from 2001 to 2006, she returned to the AP, this time in its Washington bureau. In 1999, Walsh was part of the the Associated Press team to win the Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography. Read more about Susan Walsh.

David Leeson is a Pulitzer Prize-winning Dallas-based photojournalist and visual artist. Now freelancing in still and video photography, he worked as a newspaper photographer from 1977 to 2008. Leeson was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize three times prior to winning the award in 2004 for photographs made for The Dallas Morning News during the war in Iraq. Read more about David Leeson.

Our thanks to our esteemed judges and to all of our entrants, and congratulations to our winners!