Artistic Guild 2019 v01 Results!

The results for the first of this year's Artistic Guild contests have been posted. Take a look at these very creative winning images of Portraits and Details. Though the two categories were judged separately, they are both displayed in the v01 contest gallery.

Your judges for the v01 AG WPJA contest were Seth Resnick, Gary Porter, Amanda Voisard, and Jim Gehrz.

In the AG competitions, Wedding Photojournalist Association members show off their digital skills in their portrait and detail work.  There are three (3) more AG contests to be held for the 2019 wedding season.

The 2019 v02 AG contest is now open and the submission deadline is July 24, 2019 @ 11:59pm EDT.

The Top 10 AG Photographers for v01

1.  Simona Cancelli - Italy

2.  Elena Haralabaki - Greece

3.  Vu Nguyen - Vietnam

4.   Jiake Yang - Australia

5.   Matteo Originale - Italy

6.   Tim D. Yun - USA

7.   Brittany Diliberto - USA

8.   Julien Laurent-Georges - France

9.   Marco Vegni - Italy

10. Pasquale Minniti - Italy