2015 Artistic Guild Photographer of the Year - Daniele Vertelli

Daniele Vertelli, Italy

A sense of imagination unleashed—pure creativity—defines Daniele Vertelli’s work. An internal drive to express himself, no matter the means, drives the man. As he states, the most important thing to him is an ability to be creative. Daniele reflects, “[Whether it be] a pen, a piece of clay, a camera, all are instruments that enable me to express myself.” 

His level of self-expression has been present and active since his mother gave him a camera at the age of nine. From that moment forward, his dream was to be a professional photographer. Though he has achieved his dream, Daniele continues to challenge himself, enabling his work to improve and evolve. While he acknowledges that the field of wedding photography has gotten much more competitive, his work demonstrates a passion and perspective that is his alone. 

It makes perfect sense that Daniele would thrive in the field of artistic photography. A two-time AG|WPJA Photographer of the Year, Daniele uses the same tools as many, though the results differ drastically. He describes post-production work as “a signature and a sort of distinctive trademark of the job.” It enables him to reach new heights of expression, while also pinpointing his very specific point of view. 

A groom thrown into the air by his groomsmen, with the focus skyward, Danielle’s unique camera angle brings us somewhere we would never get to go. In this award-winning photograph, we are placed smack dab in the middle of this joyous moment, with the groom’s smiling face framed by the groomsmen’s outstretched arms. In so doing, we experience the excitement therein. 

Similarly, another of his award-winning photographs brings into focus a perspective we are not naturally privy to. Precariously balancing two drinks and a baby boy, the subject of this photo is cut off at the neck, drawing our attention to that of the child and the drinks. The balance of the two pulls again at the emotion of the moment—it’s front and center. 

Asked how Daniele defines his purpose, he simply states, “To immortalize feelings and emotions.” Admiring his portfolio, one gets a sense of the marriage he creates amongst his creative use of perspective, expert post-production techniques and an unrivaled sense of emotional outpouring. 

Though his love of wedding photography was not at first sight, it quickly became his ‘main squeeze.’ “I love the different emotions that are ‘breathed’ during a wedding. They are tangible. And with my camera, my goal is to make them eternal,” Daniele reflects. In addition to a long-lasting quality, his work has a universal appeal. In his subjects, he captures those emotions with which we can all identify—ecstatic, sentimental, joyous—with a sudden burst that the viewer cannot deny. 


– Lauren Ragland / For the Wedding Photojournalist Association