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Page Last Updated December 5th, 2022

The bride slips a ring on the groom at the DC War Memorial, National Mall, Washington DC
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Natasha Lamalle, Washington DC, United States

DC War Memorial, National Mall, Washington DC

With the DC War Memorial enveloping them, Brianna and Alaa exchange their rings during the wedding ceremony.

Brianna and Alaa knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding day — and more importantly, they knew what they didn't want. Rather than opting for a grand, traditional affair with thousands of details to consider, they preferred a no fuss, no frills outdoor elopement alongside their favorite people in the world. Their priority was starting their marriage in a beautiful and...

At-home, Backyard Ceremony picture of the Bride hugging the Groom
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Carl Bower, Denver, United States

Backyard Ceremony, Washington, DC

Shannon and Bilal at the conclusion of the short ceremony.

Shannon and Bilal had been together for years and were already a family with three daughters. Their ceremony was as much a family bonding as a vow between a couple, and they sought to integrate their daughters into their ritual whenever possible. Since I was the photographer, her mother was the only official guest. One of the things I love about such small weddings is that no one can really do anything wrong; there's no...

An intimate garden wedding ceremony image from the National Cathedral during Self Officiated Elopement - Washington DC Image by Megan Rei
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Megan Rei, Virginia, United States

Washington National Cathedral, DC - Self Officiated

With the iconic National Cathedral in the background adding a touch of history and classic romance to the occasion, Mamie and Nick read their vows to one another in the Bishop's Garden.

Romance and simplicity defined Mamie and Nick's wedding ceremony, which took place in the Bishop's Garden at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. Unlike most municipalities around the world, Washington D.C. allows for self-officiated weddings, so...

DC elopement couple portrait from Capitol Hill, Washington DC - Photos by Natasha Lamalle
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Natasha Lamalle, Washington DC, United States

Capitol Hill, Washington DC / Rose’s Luxury Restaurant

A portrait of the groom and bride after their wedding ceremony in their neighborhood in Capitol Hill, Washington DC.

Madison and David wanted to get married in a simple and loving way. They invited their family only for their elopement in their yard, in a new house that they had just bought. After getting ready in separate rooms, they meet in their bedroom for the first look and then went to their lovely garden to exchange their vows. After that, their mothers and fathers, and every...

Elopement wedding image of a couple at their D.C. apartment in Washington DC - Elopement Photos by Carl Bower
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Carl Bower, Denver, United States

D.C. Superior Court, Washington DC

They had just moved into their apartment and had little furniture. What might have seemed like a deficit felt appropriate, as it spoke of new beginnings.

Richa and Anthony had just moved into their apartment. Richa's family was largely overseas, there wasn't a lot of cash on hand, and eloping seemed the best solution. They got to the courthouse a bit early, had some time to kill, so wandered through the National Building Museum. The room in the courthouse where civil ceremonies are...

Wedding day couple portrait from a Hay Adams Hotel Washington, DC Elopement - Photo by Andrew Morrell
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Andrew Morrell, Virginia, United States

Hay Adams Hotel, St. Anselm Abbey, Washington, DC

A special request from the bride to execute an American Gothic portrait in front of the iconic wallpaper inside the Hay Adams.

In the darkest moment of early 2021, Angie contacted me with a promising inquiry, revealing hints of understanding event photography well beyond the everyday person. After a fantastic initial consult, we moved forward, video conferenced, booked, and planned for the day.

The Hay Adams Hotel is an iconic...

Portrait of a couple from a Washington DC U.S. Capitol wedding on the rooftop - Photo by Natasha Lamalle
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Natasha Lamalle, Washington DC, United States

Washington DC, U.S. Capitol

Christopher and Jennifer embrace on the rooftop where they were married in Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. The artistic composition of this portrait highlights the importance of keeping perspective during the darkest of times.

Jennifer and Christopher had plans to meet in March, but as the COVID-19 virus began to sweep across the country, they knew it would no longer be possible. Instead, they spent endless hours during quarantine talking to one another on the phone and getting to know...