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Page Last Updated July 14th, 2021

BW wedding image from a Castle in Rapperswil, Switzerland - Elopement Event Photography by Mischa Baettig
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Mischa Baettig, Zug, Switzerland

Castle Wedding in Rapperswil, Switzerland

Wearing a glittering gown and carrying an elegant parasol, Alexandra approaches Alessandro for the first look. Alessandro, overcome with emotion at seeing his bride, wipes away tears. Amused by his touching and genuine reaction, Alexandra smiles and laughs as she approaches her husband-to-be. 

Like many other couples, Alexandra and Alessandro had to change their definition of a dream wedding due to the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. When it became clear that they would not be...

Switzerland Wedding Photo of the Zurich bride and groom getting ready - Image by Luigi Reccia
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Luigi Reccia, Naples, Italy

The Dolder Grand - Resident, Zurich, Switzerland

Admir is writing his vows, as his bride awaits the departure to the ceremony.

Admir and Emina booked me as their photographer one month before their day. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they decided to have a small wedding with just a few close family members and guests. We were so lucky that the weather was warm and clean.

They shared their apartment during the getting ready, had a small and quick ceremony with only 7 guests at...

A wedding day portrait from a Zurich, Switzerland event by Simone Miglietta
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Simone Miglietta, Arezzo, Italy

Zurich, Switzerland

The groom gives his bride a kiss during a carefree and romantic portrait session.

In an attempt to celebrate their love in a way that was safe and responsible, the bride and groom hosted their wedding ceremony and intimate reception at a restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland. Villa Seerose features an outdoor terrace that boasts lakefront views and alpine landscapes, and the couple felt it was the perfect place to gather...

Castles of Bellinzona, Switzerland Elopement Photography by Alessandro Arena
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Alessandro Arena, Varese, Italy

Castles of Bellinzona, Switzerland

Here, the couple sits at a table together with their eyes on the mayor, who performs the ceremony.

Choosing to get married in a unique setting like that of a castle is not for everyone, but Kathy and Ivan have exceeded all expectations. Their wedding took place along the Three Castles of Bellinzona, registered since 2000 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The civil ceremony took place at the...

Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Alessandro Arena, Varese, Italy

City Hall of Locarno, Switzerland

I met Alessia and Guido at a wedding five years ago. They were recently engaged, and it was nice to know their story from the speeches and promises they exchanged during the ceremony at Locarno’s City Hall. After the ceremony we stopped by the stunning Museum Casa Rusca, where Alessia works, to snap a few shots.

Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Ufuk Sarisen, Istanbul, Turkey

Geneva Lake, Lausanne, Switzerland

Rain started to fall near the end but this did not make us feel negative at all. It was over when the wedding ceremony ended.

I was really happy when Aria’s mother Connie called me from the USA to ask if I could take the photos of their wedding at Geneva Lake. They liked my style among a lot of photographers in Europe and contacted me. First, this really excited me and made me happy. After we sealed the deal with Connie, we met with Aria and Daniel on Skype and gone through...

Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Alessandro Arena, Varese, Italy

City Hall of Lugano, Switzerland

The bride and groom make their way to the hall where the ceremony will be held with their four-legged friend walking ahead of them eagerly across the shining tile floor.

Erika and Filippo, a couple from Vicenza, chose to celebrate their wedding in Lugano. They held a small ceremony for just a few intimate friends and family that took place in the frescoed rooms of the City Hall of Lugano. The couple celebrated their promise of love accompanied by their faithful four-legged friend. The...