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Page Last Updated February 28th, 2022

A Nova Friburgo outside wedding ceremony picture - RJ, Brazil Elopement Photography by Bruno Dias Calais
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Bruno Dias Calais, Nova Friburgo, Brazil

Brazilian State of Rio de Janeiro, Nova Friburgo

Clutching Beatriz's hand to his heart, Emanuel seems to soak up all of the love from his bride as the pastor begins to bless them during their wedding ceremony. 

Knowing that their marriage was going to be based on connection and rooted in spirituality, Beatriz and Emanuel planned an outdoor ceremony in an idyllic local in Nova Friburgo in Brazil. Surrounded by the flora and fauna of the region and completely immersed in the moment, the bride and groom allowed their emotions...

A wedding image from a Casa de Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Elopement ceremony - Photography by Clara Sampaio
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Clara Sampaio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Casa de Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With a panoramic view of Sugarloaf Mountain in the background, Bella and Garett look into each other's eyes as they say their vows.

School sweethearts Bella and Garett knew that they had found a love that would last a lifetime. While their relationship was forged in the United States where they live, they decided to become husband and wife at the Casa de Santa Teresa in the bride's family hometown of Rio de...

Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Clara Sampaio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Búzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The thrill of celebrating the wedding in front of the sea, with your family and closest friends.

Yes, love has no borders. Neither physical nor spatial. Brazil-USA connection, she from São Paulo, he from New York - they have lived together in New York for more than 7 years and chose Búzios to get married.

Mirella and Rich's elopement wedding was just amazing! What a wonderful surprise to meet Mirella and Rich! Attentive, affectionate, caring, really enlightened people. It is...