Dragan Zlatanovic

Dragan  Zlatanovic

I see beauty everywhere. I don't know whether this is a special gift or simply my vision of the planet and people I'm living with. I'm located on the northern part of the Adriatic Coast, from where I'm reaching all the major European capitals and your wedding in just few hours.

My biggest achievement so far was becoming the first runner up of the (POY) Photographer of the year 2011 on WPJA, just after my second year of presence in this respectful organization and being between the TOP 20 Fearless Photographers in the 2012.

I've never been to a photography school. I've never been to a photography workshop. I've never had my own photography exhibition.. but my passion for photography is limitless!

Dragan Zlatanovic
1700+ (EUR)

Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Dragan Zlatanovic. Click an image to view a larger version.

  • Tina and Andrej

    Tina and Andrej

    Married 5 years ago
    It was not just the style of your photography that convinced us that you were one of the kind, but also your personal attitude, perceptiveness and pure friendliness. Realizing that in the long run the most important memories of our wedding day will be reflected in the photos, we just had to have you taking them. And we were right! The photos are absolutely amazing! They exceeded our expectations and more than impressed our friends and family. And not just that, we also had lots of fun with you, because you dared to push certain limits, you made us laugh, you never got tired of searching for a good photo and you saw things and imagined positions we would never have thought of. Most importantly, your photos of us on our wedding day truly reflect the beauty we see in each other and the beauty of your talent!
  • Deborah and Mitja

    Deborah and Mitja

    Married 5 years ago
    Dragan,.. non sono una persona che si ama fotografare, anzi odio se qualcuno mi scatti le foto, pero con te e' stato tutto cosi naturale, come bere un bicchiere d'aqua...o ancora piu facile, come respirare.. Veramente mi sono sentita a mio agio, e quando mi e arrivata l'email con tutte le foto del nostro matrimonio sono rimasta come dice il grande Vasco - SENZA PAROLE.. le foto parlano da sole e le nostre lacrime esprimono il ricordo dell'emozione vissuta ... Sei uno che ama la fotografia, ama vedere la gente contenta e soddisfatta e per questo ci metti tutta la passione!! Il bello con te e' che un ora con dura come un minuto, pero la tua fotografia durerà per secoli... Grazie, sei un grande!!
  • Maya and Emanuele

    Maya and Emanuele

    Married 7 years ago
    Esperienza unica !! Abbiamo avuto la fortuna di incontrarti per caso, girovagando su vari siti aventi come tema i fotografi per matrimoni, ci siamo imbattuti in commenti molto positivi che ti riguardavano.. Da li’ tutto e stato molto chiaro in breve tempo !! Pur essendo un ragazzo molto giovane, sei pieno di idee innovative e soprattutto incline a non scattare foto “ classiche “. Proprio quello che cercavamo!! Il giorno del matrimonio ti sei comportato da vero professionista e, cosa non da poco, mai invadente! Sei riuscito a metterci a nostro agio ed hai saputo cogliere i momenti piu’ belli ed importanti senza il bisogno di dover ripetere le pose. Tutto cio’ si e’ tradotto in una sessione fotografica divertente e per nulla stressante. Pensiamo sia proprio questa la chiave per ottenere il miglior risultato possibile. Continua cosi!! Un grazie e un augurio per scatti sempre migliori !!
  • Nadine and Mient

    Nadine and Mient

    Married 5 years ago
    You've really got the key! We were so excited in planning our Slovenian wedding from Munich where my Dutch husband and I currently live. You were so great in the way you kept communication with us by email and telephone. You always offered us your help and gave us really good recommendations (you definitely should launch a wedding planner agency :-). Thank you for understanding exactly what we wanted and our vision from the very beginning. Thank you for being so excited by our idea of taking photographs of all our guests in a photo booth and always embracing change during the day. We were blown away when we saw all the amazing photographs filled with so much expression, art and love! They capture all the little moments a wedding is all about. So simple and demanding at once. The results far exceeded our expectations. We are so proud being a witness of your gift and we could not have asked for anyone better! You really know who you are!