Brad Zweerink

Brad  Zweerink

My parents don’t have any pictures of their wedding. It was a small event so they had their good friend, John, take the pictures but some kind of equipment malfunction ruined everything. The good news is that my parents are still married more than 40 years later and John is still one of their best friends.

Their experience was a good lesson for me growing up: weddings only happen once and the photos are precious. In college, as friends got engaged, I started photographing their weddings but was always very aware of how important that job was. Ironically, two of the first weddings I photographed were John’s daughters, Jeannine and Audrey. Jokes were made by all, but I think the pictures turned out pretty well.

Since college, I have spent the last 15 years working as a photojournalist and I carry that experience to every wedding I photograph. It’s about making great pictures that tell the story of your wedding and photographing the moments as they happen. Equally as important is capturing the beauty and sophistication that make each wedding special, whether that is in the detail of a bridal veil or the great suits of the groomsmen.

The best part about weddings, however, is getting to know amazing people and being part of important moments in their lives. For me, this is the real joy and privilege of being a photographer.

Brad Zweerink
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