Julianne Markow

Julianne  Markow

I was always an artist. While growing up I carried my sketchbook and pencil everywhere I went because capturing parts of the world around me was something I needed to do. When I picked up a camera for the first time I realized that I could capture so much more than I could with my sketchbook and pencil and I could quickly share it with other people. I also learned that when I set up a shot and click the shutter it feels amazing, but nothing beats the feeling of clicking the shutter during the perfect moment.

As I grew with wedding photography, I learned that my couples are not only interested in what they looked like but also how they felt on their wedding day. My clients also love seeing images of what they saw, I make it a point to capture the world that they are seeing during the most special day of their lives, whether its the church they got married in or two ducks swimming side by side in a pond nearby.

I constantly strive to capture those perfect moments because I am always in need of a fix of that amazing feeling I get when I click the shutter. My mother always told me that no matter what I grow up to be, as long as I'm helping others then it is the right thing. It may sound selfish, but if indulging in that amazing feeling of capturing the perfect moment brings my couples the same joy, then I am happy to do this for as far as this journey takes me.

Julianne Markow
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