Tony Shao

China and Tianjin wedding photographer Tony Shao
Tony Shao
Kaman Photography
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KaMan Photo Studio was established in the year of 2009 by Mr. Tony Shao. He was deeply engaged as a new generation photographer, and he was dealing and acting so serious in his business which makes him engaged and deeply involved in the area. With his excellent and communication skills he reached to what he is aiming. He was requested and invited to work for the BJ SM &SH AOMEI . Later, he joined the GZ BISSI Advertising co. as a junior photographer and at this period he turned to a fashion area --- Clothing and Models In 2009 he established the KaMan Photograph Studio. He started to focus on the wedding photography., It was a challenge for him, he loved his business and created love a new style completely different than the traditional and normal once. He Loves his work and became a creative by all means for expressing the professional spirit completely for his challenge in the clothing Model catalogs, he published his works on ,,< PRETTY>,. These years his photos are seen all over the China, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan, at the same time, he also gained the rich activity as a professional experienced photographer.

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