Manuel Vicente

Manuel  Vicente

Manuel Vicente was born and raised close to the colourful city of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain.

From a young age Manuel had a natural sense of creativity and a passion for art. As a teenager, he was a keen painter and won several local contests. His interest followed through to high school where he studied all the famous greats to understand light, colour and beauty, and produced some beautiful works of his own.

At roughly the same time, Manuel was given his first camera – a turning point in his approach to creativity and interpretation of the world around him. It thrilled him to be able to present photos to people that captured every day moments in unique and thought-provoking ways.

With an ever growing love of the arts and photography, at the age of 19, Manuel enrolled in the Serra i Abella, School of Art and Design in Barcelona. It was here he began to develop his skills and techniques in photography and created his first works to be publically appreciated. His portraiture work, ‘the female through the lens’ was exhibited at Can Carranca Civic Center and published in the magazine, La Fotografia.

Soon after graduating, Manuel moved to London – a city that represented a new sense of style and point of view in which to frame his work. It was an exciting experience, both professionally and personally, and he soon found himself inspired by the world of fashion. Here he collaborated with Vidal Sassoon on numerous projects, snapping new hair styles and trends for their salons and new campaigns.

Another notable experience abroad for Manuel was during a trip to India, where he was deeply moved by the people and rich, diverse culture which he was determined to capture in its true light. He donated some of his images from this journey to the NGO ‘Bombay Smiles’, which were published in numerous magazines.

Manuel returned to Barcelona in 2004. His diverse experience, well-travelled portfolio and obvious passion for photography led him to acquire work with renowned and award-winning Spanish photographers, Black and Blanc – winners of the prestigious ‘National Professional Photography Awards-LUX in the category of social reportage in years 2000, 2001 and 2004.

With Black and Blanc, Manuel moved into wedding photography – gathering knowledge from the best teachers and applying his own experience in fashion and art to develop a style of his own: taking on a photo journalistic approach.

Since then Manuel has enchanted many couples with his wedding photography, but more than that, with his warm personality and dedication to understand what his clients really want. He has been able to offer peace of mind to deliver perfect results while allowing the couple to focus on their special day.

Manuel’s photo journalistic approach breaks away from traditional wedding photography and captures the delicate and detailed moments throughout the entire day – the things that make every wedding unique and the memories that people want to keep.

To see the smiles and joy when he hands over the finished product – a most beautifully bound wedding book that captures the intricate details of that special day – is truly something that gives Manuel great satisfaction. He sees his work and style best described in the words of the ‘father of photo journalism’, Henri Cartier-Bresson "Memory is very important, the memory of each photo taken, flowing at the same speed as the event. During the work, you have to be sure that you haven't left any holes, that you've captured everything, because afterwards it will be too late. To take photographs means to recognise - simultaneously and within a fraction of a second - both the fact itself and the rigorous organisation of visually perceived forms that give it meaning. It is putting one's head, one's eye and one's heart on the same axis."

Now Manuel has embarked on another journey moving to Sydney, Australia, with the intention of learning something of the antipodean lifestyle, as well as being able to offer his unique talents and charm to the future brides and grooms in Australia.

Manuel Vicente
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Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Manuel Vicente. Click an image to view a larger version.



    Married 4 years ago
    “Every time we take a look at the fantastic album, we realize that we made the best choice. Every image speaks for itself, the natural essence and emotion of one unforgettable day . It isn't just the fantastic way you take pictures, but you have a perfect balance between professionalism, intimacy , and combine it in a natural and simplistic manner; this is what made us fall in love with your work. Now, we are waiting for our first baby, and without a doubt we know who is going to be the photographer. Thanks a lot to make our day unforgettable.” Monica & Ronie


    Married 3 years ago
    “It was an amazing day, full of magic moments. We are so glad to have chosen Manuel Vicente as a photographer , we saw him working at a friend’s wedding, and after when we saw her spectacular album we had it really clear! Every time we see our pictures , memories comes to our mind, we can re-live every little second , the emotions and the feelings. It is unbelievable the power of one image, and how he knows how to capture all the emotions from our family. Thank you Manuel, for being there for us even in the moments when we were so nervous, you were able to control the situation in a really smooth and professional way!” PEDRO Y ALBA
  • Maria & Sergio

    Maria & Sergio

    Married 3 years ago
    “what can we say!!! Our wedding day was an exceptionally special day for us and our family. We had many special people present from all over the world, and to be able to keep those memories forever, would not have been possible without you , Manuel. The day went by so fast, and only now looking back at those beautiful images do we see the emotion and feelings that were present. You managed to record everything not missing a moment and I hardly knew he was there. Apart from your creativity and professionalism, you are a lovely man, that made us feel very special, and we could put all our confidence in his work.”   GREAT JOB MANUEL!!!! THANKS!!!
  • Ingrid & Michael

    Ingrid & Michael

    Married 2 years ago
    Ingrid and I would to take this opportunity to say how much we appreciated the time and great effort you put into our special day. From the moment we first met you both and saw the amazing work you have done we felt confident we had made the right choice. Your professionalism is outstanding, you knew exactly what to do to capture the most amazing moments on our wedding day. You created a comfortable environment around the wedding party, family and friends which was unobtrusive for all those involved. The photos you selected for our amazing album have to be seen to be believed, every aspect exceeded our expectations. The album is not just another "photo album" they are exquisitely bound and presented, elegant and stylish. I am enormously proud to have them to show off to my family and friends to look at such a memorable time in Ingrid's and my life. Once again I would like to convey our thanks for these beautiful photographs of our special day we will cherish these portraits for ever. Keep up the amazing work, you have a rare talent and deserve every success. Forever grateful, Ingrid and Michael
  • Winnie and Paul

    Winnie and Paul

    Married 2 years ago
    Winnie and I specifically did not want a collection of photos that are the normal staged or posed shots of bridal party, family and friends. So we sought to find a photojournalist, rather than a solely a photographer. We wanted a photojournalist who would come to get to know us in the period leading up to the wedding so that on the wedding day and night he/they would not only capture the moment, but also the energy, emotion, joy, surprise, etc of what was happening at that exact time and place. Manuel , you accomplished this perfectly and your shots of both the pre-wedding shoot and the of the day/night of the wedding are simply amazing. You have a natural warm charming style, combined with your knowledge of photography as a form of art has given us photos that could hang in a gallery, or be printed in a magazine, rather than just remain in a wedding album that never gets looked at.
  • Katrina and Robin

    Katrina and Robin

    Married 2 years ago
    Manuel you were a great asset to our wedding. You took the time to get to know us as a couple. We have chosen you because of your professionalism and exquisite portfolio of wedding photographs. The result was an absolutely spectacular set of photographs that gets regularly commented on by all of those that go through our wedding album. One thing we liked about you was your positioning which was unobtrusive but still was able to capture every special moment. We found the experience wonderful as we didn’t have to worry or supervise any of the photographic activities." Thank you!
  • Naty & Sam

    Naty & Sam

    Married 2 years ago
    Manuel, you did an amazing job, every single little thing that we did is there in the album, the details, every smile and every tear of happiness, you have it captured. We can't find the words to describe how we feel about it. All we can say is that we love it, and we will always be thankful for the huge effort that you made to join us on our special, wonderful and amazing day. Thank you for coming from the other side of the world to make our day absolutely unforgettable. THANK YOU"