Jeremy Standley

Jeremy Standley
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Client Letters

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  • Katie & Andy

    Katie & Andy

    Married 7 years ago
    Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!!! I knew you were good but this has completely blown me away. Thank you so much! And to Jennifer, you are both stars! My sister-in-law called after watching it and was blubbing so hard I couldn't understand what she was saying! You truly captured the special moments of our day and we are so grateful. The one on the balcon is amazing but they are all my favourites at the moment! Thanks again.
  • Claire & Ollie

    Claire & Ollie

    Married 7 years ago
    It is a rare thing for an image to truly take you back to a moment in time - yet so many of these wonderful photographs have done just that. You have captured the essence of our wedding with a truthfulness that will allow us to relive those few precious hours time and time again. You have an extraordinary talent, Jeremy, and we are so thrilled that we found you - thank you.
  • Carla & Matt

    Carla & Matt

    Married 7 years ago
    Hi Jeremy;Just arrived home & had my first look at the album..OH MY GOD i am totally lost for words (and that doesn’t happen often!) Needless to say I've been in tears for the last 40 minutes!! We just cant thank you enough for doing such amazing work on our big day. I am sooo happy we were able to book you as these are, without a doubt the most incredible photos I've ever seen. The album is just absolutely perfect & I LOVE the cover! This was such an important part of our wedding, you did us very proud guys!! Right, I'm off to put my wedding dress back on, open a bottle of bubbly & spend the rest of the night looking at my album!!! We will definitely be bringing the album back to Spain so we'll pop up for a visit in the New year.
  • Fran & Dan

    Fran & Dan

    Married 7 years ago
    Hi Jeremy, I just wanted to say how delighted I am with the photographs, taken at Francine and Daniel’s wedding at Alcazaba Beach. I apologise if I appeared distant during the day but I’m quite sure that you’re used to the Father of the Bride being otherwise preoccupied with the occasion. You captured the day magnificently and I would like to express my gratitude for capturing and providing such an outstanding selection of images. They are a superb reminder of a memorable and cherished day. You are obviously a Master of the Craft. Many thanks and Kind Regards - Sheldon (Father of the bride )
  • Lauriel & Eduardo

    Lauriel & Eduardo

    Married 6 years ago
    Jeremy, What an unbelievable gallery you have created for us! Thank you so much. Sincerely, our appreciation is endless. We couldn't have asked for anything more. Have to tell you a couple of favorites that stood out beyond the obvious faves - on the swing, on the rooftop, in the stairway, with my sisters, dandia sticks at the Masquerade Ball. Sincere compliments. What moments you captured! Sincerely, thank you thank you thank you! Stay warm and enjoy your time up north. Your next couple are in for a real treat. You are amazing! With Appreciation.