Jed Tan

Jed  Tan

Being an avid traveler, Jed's photography journey started with landscape and street photography. Having a keen interest in photography, he started documenting his daily life and always has a camera with him. Unknowingly, he found himself leaning towards portrait photography, taking up wedding assignments free of charge as second shooter and with his wedding portfolio, he got a job in a portrait studio doing shoots for families, couples, maternity and babies. During his free time, he did interior shoots on residential houses and commercial offices.

The beauty of wedding photography to him is how he can get to know people of different cultures, lifestyles and personalities. With these differences, he personalizes each shoot and creates photographs that are unique to each couple. He believes the perfect moments often happen without the awareness of the camera, therefore by creating an interactive environment and shooting from a distance, he can capture these moments effortlessly. And with his experience in different genres of photography, he is constantly thinking of new approaches to put his creativity into good use.

Jed is also a big fan of natural lighting and he makes use of available light as much as possible, however, he does throw in artificial lighting at times just to create an entire different look or effects that he wants.

Till date, Jed has done over 200 weddings and 100 portrait assignments and you are most welcome to add to the numbers :)

Jed Tan
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130/hr (SGD)