Rome Wedding Photographers

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Alessandro  Avenali
3000 Euro

Alessandro Avenali

Rome, Italy

***2016*** - Awarded Photographer of the Year by the industry awards “Masters of Italian Wedding Photography” - Awarded Category Winner (Details) in Nikon Awards, (among 49,000 competitors) - Awarded Best of Destination Wedding, according to the magazine Junebug Weddings - JUDGE for the industry awards “Masters of Dutch Wedd

1700 Euro

Luca Panvini

Roma in Roma, Italy

Luca is an independent photographer based in Rome specializing in wedding reportage and is available for assignments in Italy and worldwide. His photography style aims to document everything that happens during the wedding day in a natural and spontaneous approach.

Massimiliano  Esposito
1200 Euro

LightanDreams: Massimiliano Esposito

Roma, Italy

I was born in Rome,Italy in the 1976; i'm a father of two girls; i love movies, paintings and naturally photography. Because your wedding is going to be important to me as my own. I'am going to stick with you from the beginning to the end.

1000 Euro

Walter Karuc

Rome in Roma, Italy

Walter Karuc nasce a Roma, in un luminoso febbraio del 1972 e il suo primo ricordo è il flash dell’Agfamatic di suo padre che lo immortala mentre regala al mondo il suo sorriso senza denti. Cresce negli anni in cui in televisione esplodono i colori e le immagini diventano soffuse e patinate: nel frattempo, con la sua prima m

1600 Euro

Francesco Russotto

Roma, Italy

My name is Francesco Russotto and I deal with photography and image creation since always. I’ve had the opportunity to participate to the creation of several videoclip, advertising and movies for national and international clients. Nowadays I’m basically a wedding photographer and I mainly work in Rome, but I easily move all o

Alessandro  Iasevoli
1600 Euro

Alessandro Iasevoli

Rome in Roma, Italy

I deal with documentary reportage photography since more than ten years. I have studied with Major Italian and international reportage photographers, in Italy and abroad. I graduated at the School of Photojournalism of ISFCI in Rome. The passion for photography and for story-telling is literally sweeping me away.

Simone  Rossi
1400 Euro

Simone Rossi

Capena, Italy

In high school I discovered this fantastic art and the end of the studies not having followed the photography equipment through magazines, books and talking to amateurs and professionals in the field. Six years ago came the first camera, not professional but, for me ... everything!

Daniele  Torella
1600 Euro

Daniele Torella

Roma in Roma, Italy

Daniele Torella was born in Rome where he has been working for years as a professional photographer. He has approached photography starting from his studies in Visual Arts at University of Rome, and has achieved a more and more enhanced individuality through the years. His style is a modern and elegant photojournalism.

1600 Euro

Framelines: Francesco Survara

Rome in Roma, Italy

I’m a Rome Wedding Photographer and I “stole” memories of worldwide couples since 12 years. Layered by reportage photography, travel and surf, I started shooting my friends-scape weddings to have the chance to pay my outdoor adventures and my degree at European Institute of Design.

Luca  Rossini
1800 Euro

Rossini Photography: Luca Rossini

Rome in Roma, Italy

I am a professional wedding photographer and my studio, Rossini Photography, is based in Trastevere, right in the heart of Rome. I shoot weddings with my wife Claudia throughout the Italian territory, for both Italian couples and international ones who pick our country for their destination wedding.

Giuliano  Bausano
1400 Euro

Giuliano Bausano

Roma, Italy

Giuliano is an international photographer based in Italy. He was born and raised in Vercelli, in the north of Italy and his education and career around Italy was always focused around visual art.

Giuliano  Del Gatto
1500 Euro

Giuliano Del Gatto

Rome, Italy

I was born in Rome in 1980. In 2009 I graduated with a Master degree in Environmental Engineering, and in 2010 I started my career as professional photographer collaborating with national newspapers and associations. My pictures have been widely published on Italians web magazine and on The New York Times.

Client Letters

Sarah and Jonny

Francesco, you really brought my dream Italian wedding to life. Even though you hadn’t visited Petritoli before, you captured the beauty and setting perfectly, and this shone through your beautiful photos! You were incredibly...

Maura and Mario

Luca e Claudia, you have the key to revolutionize wedding photography! We put a lot of effort in giving you a hard time with our wedding pictures: we didn’t want any images of the preparation of the bride, nor any couple...

Gloria & Maurizio

Ciao Daniele, Io e Maurizio volevamo dedicare qualche istante alla persona che,dopo i genitori e i testimoni, è stata tra le più importanti nel giorno del nostro matrimonio. Non è poi così strano come sembra considerarti tra i...