Chesira Pizzini

Chesira Pizzini offers wedding photojournalism with a creative flair
Chesira Pizzini
Quetzal Photo
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Born in Baja California peninsula, I opted for a change in scenery and studied a Bachelor’s in Photography. Quite far from home, but wanting to get the most out of my education, I decided to study in the city of Querétaro. Destiny was at hand, because that is where I met my husband and life partner, Bernardo (Bernie). Our shared passion for photography took us around Mexico, as various opportunities arose, from photojournalism in the big cities to family portraits on the beach. We soon found ourselves drawn to the Rivera Maya, due to my love of the sea and Bernie’s desire to live in a warmer place. Arriving in this paradise we now call home, nearly eleven years ago, we began storytelling through the art of photography. For us, taking pictures hasn’t just been about taking spontaneous pictures, we take great pleasure in telling the family or couple’s story through this art form. Over the years, as we realized more and more that this not only brought joy to those whose pictures we took, but also for ourselves, we knew we were destined to yet another wonderful experience. This feeling of completeness is what brought us to create Quetzal Photo together.
We truly understand the significance of this transcendent and special moment in your lives. Not only have we captured many wedding stories, but we are also a husband and wife team that work together to make sure each and every aspect of your wedding will be taken into consideration.
Our speciality is photojournalism with a creative flair. We strive to capture even the smallest details you've been planning for months, which are the little details that tell the story of your special day and the both of you!

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