Ralph Piezas

Ralph  Piezas

Ralph Piezas is a full-time father and a part time wedding photographer. His career in photography was far from what he and his family expected. A graduate of bachelor of Science in Nursing, and once an instructor of a prestigious University in Cebu. Unlike any photographers he never had a family of artist nor held a camera since kindergarten. It was his fascination of time travelling that made him curios about photography.
He was never a fan of glamour nor posed subjects, for him its the moments that really matters in a photograph. Everybody is a photographer but only few is a story teller. He believes that wedding is a celebration and almost everything in that day seize to last, flowers, cakes, gowns, and tux. But photographs will last forever. His goal is to give you a photograph that doesn't just remind you who attended your wedding, the gown you wore or the make up that was on. But the feeling you had at that moment, photo that will remind you why you had an expensive party in the first place.

At 2013 he was one of the few enlisted photographers to be a member of international org. That Uses A documentary approach to wedding photography. WPJA "wedding photojournalist association"

Ralph Piezas
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