Blair Gable

Ottawa photographer Blair Gable works with some of the most demanding newspaper and magazine editors in North America to create compelling images for their websites and publications. On a wedding day, he uses that same passion to capture beautiful moments and creative portraits for his clients. Blair combines his creativity with amazing photographic technique to create unique images at every shoot.

Blair Gable
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Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Blair Gable. Click an image to view a larger version.

  • Norma + Terence

    Norma + Terence

    Married 6 years ago
    The excitement of the engagement was followed by a million different thoughts about cakes, guests, flowers-the list was endless. While all of these aspects were important to us, we knew that hiring a great photographer was our number one priority. We met with several photographers, but your style was unlike the others. We weren't interested in being told where to stand or when to smile-we wanted someone who would photograph our day as it was unfolding, our true emotions, someone who would capture us being ourselves. You turned out to be that someone. You were a pleasure to work with, very professional and relaxed. We couldn't be happier with the results, everyone who sees our photos comments on how amazing they are. These photos will forever remind us of the awesome memories that were made that day, we are so glad that you were able to beautifully capture our wedding day.
  • Kelly + Tomas

    Kelly + Tomas

    Married 6 years ago
    Picking a great photographer was a top priority for our wedding, we wanted someone who would capture our day the way we remembered it. From our first meeting with you, through our engagement photos and to the wedding, you was a pleasure to work with. Your professionalism and passion shows through the quality of your work. We felt that he truly captured the spirit of the day as well as all of the people involved in the wedding. The final product was exactly what we were looking for to remember our day.
  • Brigitte + Tim

    Brigitte + Tim

    Married 6 years ago
    When we first met you, we were absolutely taken by your ability to immediately put us at ease: you were modest, easy-going, and excited about shooting the most important day of our lives. Your portfolio was stunning, your professionalism was noted, and we fell in love with your photojournalistic style. Never interfering, you were a smooth operator on our wedding day, capturing all the details and all the sweet moments with creativity, sincerity, and above all, passion. We could not have asked for a better day to celebrate our love, and Blair was a large part of our success. We would certainly recommend you to another couple looking for a “capture-the-moment” photographer.
  • Jessey + Jeremy

    Jessey + Jeremy

    Married 4 years ago
    Honestly, I've gone through these photos a hundred times. They're brilliant and beautiful and I love them. I can't wait to share them with people. They're going to go nuts. Another thing I find really interesting is that between you and your assistant, you actually captured some really interesting moments in people's faces and movements that are very reflective of what the day was like for me. The photojournalist in you captures things that any staged photography could never get - the kind of photography that 50 years from now when I forget most of the day, I'll remember again when I look at these photos. Thank you for that.

Wedding Photography Packages

All of my packages include a large selection of high resolution images that have been adjusted for colour, contrast, sharpness, etc. and are ready to be shared with family and friends. Engagement portraits, day after session, photo booths, custom designed coffee table books, and fine art canvas prints are also available