Manuel Cacciatori

Manuel  Cacciatori

I'm a professional photographer based near the wonderful lakes Maggiore and Orta, Piedmont Italy.

After degree in communications and advertising, I have spent several years working in a important winemakers consortium as photoeditor and copywriter. It was at that time I started working with images and great photographers to realize advertising campaigns. With the birth of my daughter Luna, I moved in Piemonte looking for more creative work experiences. I began to work with photography and I attended the famous photography school Bauer in Milan, an essential step for my training and growth of my personal style.

I mainly work in wedding but i operate also in other commercial fields, however, i never change my approach: I learnt to consider photography in its essence, releasing it from the excessive importance of the instruments. Photography has the power to emphasize the atmosphere created by the natural elements such as light and colours that often are cancelled by the thoughtless use of flash. Photography is a narration, two or more images in the same field of view become a story.
With a simple camera and one lens I could describe places, people and their stories without artifices, telling the most memorable moments. With my pictures I try to bring at my client the emotions and the atmospheres of that moments.

My precious mate in this fantastic work experience is my wife, professional photographer too, and together we work in harmony by two point of view.

Manuel Cacciatori
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