David Posey

David  Posey

David is a storyteller. He's always loved stories. When he speaks, writes or photographs, his aim is to find the story and tell it in an intriguing way. A wedding is the ultimate story for two people in love. David knows love when he sees it; he is crazy in love with his wife, Christie, his partner in Lexigraphics, and he loves working with people who are in love.

David's got photography in his DNA. "My great grandfather had a photo studio in Modesto, California in the early 1900s. I loved to rummage through my grandparent's box of photographic prints and I remember finding a metal print that was dated in 1909 from 'Joe Baxley Photographic Studio.' That was fascinating stuff to me and spawned an interest in the craft. At one point in my life, I owned seven cameras, including a 5x7 view camera, and I would hike all over taking pictures of anything and everything.

"Back then, I was asked to do a few weddings, but I had other interests. I was more inclined towards landscape photography. I did a few assignments for local newspapers, mostly sports. I was fortunate to attend the Academy of Art University in San Francisco for awhile, where I received some formal training in portraiture, still life, photojournalism and other categories of photography, but I continued to focus on landscapes and cityscapes.

"In 2001, a friend asked me to photograph her daughter's wedding. I reluctantly agreed but found that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. In the past, when using large film cameras, we could only get 75 - 100 photographs. But using digital equipment allowed us to take hundreds of images, capturing every moment and thoroughly documenting the day, "photo-journalistically." That made a huge difference to me; I realized that a wedding was the ultimate story and to be asked to photograph something so important, so 'once-in-a-lifetime,' was a great privilege.

"Shortly after that wedding, Christie, and I established our business which we called 'Lexigraphics,' named after our first grandchild, Lexi (we have two children and seven grandchildren). Since then, we have photographed hundreds of weddings, 25-35 each year, mostly in northern California but also at many other destinations in the US."

David Posey
Lexigraphics Photography
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Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of David Posey. Click an image to view a larger version.

  • Travis and Amber

    Travis and Amber

    Married 6 years ago
    All I can say is absolutely amazing. Awesome, awesome work. We  are thrilled with the photojournalistic style, the memories, moments, group shots, and details that you captured. Amber has been clicking through the pictures for the last 3 hours :) Thanks for the GREAT work!  ,
  • Jillian and Morgan

    Jillian and Morgan

    Married 6 years ago
    Thank you for making our day so memorable. Your shots captured the day perfectly. It's been a year since our wedding and my husband and I love to look at your photos and re-live that magical day.Thank you for our memories! ,

Wedding Photography Packages

All packages feature the following: 1 hour engagement session; two photographers, three for some packages; images posted online in your own gallery; access to all edited image files with full reprint rights. We’re all about family; all of the plans are named after our seven grandchildren. We customize our packages.


<p>Up to 6 hours coverage, online, downloadable gallery of edited image files ready for printing. </p>

Price: 2000.00 (USD)


<p>Up to 6 hours coverage. 30 page magazine style album. 1 10x10 10 page parent album.</p>

Price: 2400.00 (USD)


<p>Up to 7 hours of full coverage photography. 40 page magazine style wedding book. 
1 10x10 20 page parent book.</p>

Price: 2800.00 (USD)


<p>Up to 8 hours of full coverage, 60 page upgraded magazine wedding book. 2 10x10 20 page parent albums, 10 page guest book of engagement images. </p>

Price: 3400.00 (USD)


<p>Up to 9 hours of full coverage photography, 80 page magazine style wedding book. 2 10x10 30 page parent books. 20 page guest book of engagement images or prints. 
Package of prints: 4 5x7s, 2 8x10, 1 11x14</p>

Price: 4000.00 (USD)


<p>Up to 10 hours of full coverage photography, 100 page magazine style wedding book, 4 10x10 parent books. 30 page guest book of engagement images or prints. One 16x20 canvas print, one 11x14 and four 8x10 prints of your choice of wedding images. </p>

Price: 5200.00 (USD)


<p>All-day coverage, 3 photographers. 120 page magazine wedding book. 4 9x12 parent books. Engagement session with 40 page guest book of engagement images. One 24x20 mounted canvas print, one 16x20 canvas print, one 11x14 and four 8x10 prints of your choice of wedding images. </p>

Price: 6000.00 (USD)