Mark Sobhani

I'll admit it: I'm kinda awkward. A bit eclectic. Somewhat quirky. And not the least bit OCD. I'm pretty even-keeled: I don't get rattled. I don't get stressed. I'm just a happy-go-lucky guy doing what he loves.

I've tried to be the rock-star photographer with the big personality. You know the one. Always 'on.' Always 'out there.' But, that's just not me. My place is behind the camera — quietly having more fun than you'll know.

I got into photography as a hobby in high school, then took a few classes in college. I quickly realized this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The only problem was I wasn't really that good! I guess my instructors saw the potential I had, though, because they encouraged me to continue and see where it got me. I picked up the technical aspects (f-stops, shutter speeds, iso) quickly and that gave me a solid foundation to develop the artistic side. Eventually I reached the point where the art and the science became one, and things just clicked. I found my style.

The first big chunk of my career was as a newspaper photographer. I documented some of the biggest stories of the last fifteen years. I traveled the world. I won awards. I witnessed the amazing, the depressing, the inspiring. I've met presidents, athletes, war heroes and thousands of everyday people doing extraordinary things.

I left my job as a newspaper staff photographer several years ago and dedicated myself to documenting weddings. I love meeting new people and sharing in the moments in their lives. I love the spontaneity, the raw emotion, the reaction, and the challenge of finding new ways to tell someone's story. Weddings are a photojournalist's ultimate assignment!

Mark Sobhani
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