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Visual art and the art of story telling have always been intertwined and i bring both of these disciplines to my work as a wedding photographer. I have a varied life as a visual artist, starting out in documentary film, then moving on to become an Art Director in NYC. A couple of years ago, I decided to change a few things and moved from NYC to Rhinebeck. With that, I decided to revisit my love of storytelling through images and started photographing weddings. After all, every wedding has a great story. The romance, the love, the joy, the tears. I love what I do and consider myself very lucky to be able to do what I do.

Diane Stredicke
Hudson River Photographer
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Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Diane Stredicke. Click an image to view a larger version.

  • Liz & Colin

    Liz & Colin

    Married 7 years ago
    Thank you for your professionalism, your energy, and your relaxed attitude. You were such a pleasure to work with! I absolutely knew from the start that we were in very good hands! You took the time to get to know us, find out what we were looking for, and then took us through your plan/vision for our day. Simple as that! You were so easy to communicate with, and open to our ideas, and very capable. Thank you for doing the group shot of all of our guests in front of the barn. I couldn't believe it when you climbed up your ladder! The photos you took of us on our wedding day are absolutely gorgeous. You were able to capture all of the subtle moments of our wedding that I would have never seen. I've looked at many wedding photos of friends and have never seen any that capture all of the little moments that make up what a wedding is truly about. All of our friends and family were blown away by our photos and we couldn't be happier with them! Thank you Diane.
  • Mika & Nick

    Mika & Nick

    Married 7 years ago
    You were an absolute breath of fresh air!! Amidst all the vendors we were trying to coordinate with, our meeting with you was a pleasure and kick started our wedding excitement. It was great to work with someone so organized, who asked all the right questions yet was completely relaxed. Because we live in New York City I was so afraid communication would be difficult. But you made it so easy - answering our every email. Nothing was lost in translation! I am glad we went with your suggestion of a combination of candids and formals. Our photographs are stunning and the formals are a big hit with the family just like you said they would be! I wish we could have flown you out to India with us to photograph our ceremony in Mumbai!! Most importantly we danced the night away, we have pictures that make us look like we were in a beautiful movie and we never even realized we were being photographed. Thank you so much Diane.
  • Kerry & Rich

    Kerry & Rich

    Married 7 years ago
    You were a wonderful photographer, and we could not have asked for anyone better to have documented our wedding. You have an infectious energy about you which you bring to your work. You went out of your way to take the time to get to know us so that you could tailor your work to our personalities and needs. Thank you for being so very easy to communicate with. You really listened to our responses, and worked with us to provide excellent photographs of our wedding combining our desires with your experience, imagination, and more than considerable skill. You never grew tired of answering our questions which was great. You worked tirelessly on our wedding day to get every shot we wanted and many we had realized we should have wanted. We have a tremendous amount of fantastic pictures! Thank you for being so flexible and responsive. We got both journalistic and traditional shots which we wanted. The quality and craft of your work are exceptional. I enjoyed working with you and have recommended you highly to friends who are getting married. Thank you!
  • Gretchen & Kevin

    Gretchen & Kevin

    Married 7 years ago
    You were a joy to work with at our wedding! Your pictures are incredible! We couldn't have asked for more beautiful, expressive, intimate and artistic photographs to remember our special day by! Thank you for being super flexible too, incorporating a wide variety of shots, ranging from portraits and group/family photos to spontaneous ones where we didn't even know you were taking the picture! You do a really great job of being subtle and unobtrusive while photographing. You are thorough and professional, but totally sweet, creative and, to be honest, really fun to have at the wedding! I have been recommending you to anyone who is engaged and looking for a photographer with a personality and artistic flair!
  • Jess & Andrew

    Jess & Andrew

    Married 7 years ago
    You were such a find! I was so nervous as I planned my New York wedding from Indiana where my husband and I currently live. You were so wonderful in the way you kept communication with us by email and telephone. Thank you for understanding exactly what we wanted. You just got our theme and style from the very beginning. Thank you for being so excited by my idea of taking photographs at a local carousel. I knew at the time your were taking some amazing shots, but when we received the DVD of all of our photographs we were blown away! The results far exceeded our expectations. Thank you Diane.
  • Kerri & Craig

    Kerri & Craig

    Married 7 years ago
    Thank you for being so easy to talk to, for being so professional, so energetic and so flexible. The photos you took of our wedding are beautiful. You made us feel so comfortable. If you need any recommendations please let us know.

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