Christine Zona

Christine  Zona

My grandmother is the biggest advocate for love. She loves love. After 60+ years of marriage she still looks at my grandfather with hearts in her eyes. I adore that about her and it’s why I’m so passionate about photographing weddings.

I get to document one of the most important days of a person’s life. It’s such a honor and I strive to do it in the most creative way possible. I like to push the rules of composition, shoot through objects, create dynamic night portraits and utilize my years of portraiture and photo journalism experience to capture the story of your day.

The SF Chronicle voted me 3rd Best Portrait Photographer in the Bay Area. My Mom says I’m #1 though. My photos have won me a few awards, been published in magazines, sold in stores and featured in various photography shows in San Francisco.

I am also a member of the Artistic Guild Of The Wedding Photojournalist Association (AG|WPJA) and Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area (PPGBA).

Christine Zona
3000+ (USD)

Client Letters

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  • Bridget and Yury

    Bridget and Yury

    Married 5 years ago
    I was always impressed with your photography and level of detail you give to every project. When first reviewing your online collection, it was clear your photos told a beautiful story and I knew you would be the perfect person to capture our special day. Right from the start you were very professional and made us a part of the planning every step of the way. You really got to know us as a couple and always seemed to ask the right questions to determine our expectations. Throughout our wedding day, I could tell how hard you were working and you maintained an awesome attitude no matter how hectic things got. You were continuously looking for the "other" shot and coming up with creative ways to tell our story. Yury and I had a lot of fun with you and the photos came out absolutely amazing. We are thoroughly impressed with your work and continue to cherish the photo album you created for us. I would definitely seek your talent again in the future for any of my photography needs. Thanks again for capturing our unforgettable day!
  • Tiffany and James

    Tiffany and James

    Married 4 years ago
    James and I were desperate for our pictures to be something special - one of a kind. You know, the kind of thing that you would still want hanging on your wall in 25 years. By some stroke of cosmic luck, we found you - someone who has an interest in lomography (like myself) and understood exactly what we meant when we said we wanted cheese-free pictures. You went WAY above any beyond by coming to our hotel rooms before the wedding and staying until the last guests had left the reception late that night. Also, having 2 photographers was invaluable - there always seemed to be a camera everywhere we looked, capturing everything from the best angles. One of the best things - you managed to get incredible portraits of every single one of our guests. We never expected to have those in addition to all of the main wedding shots and they are invaluable. Also, you put up huge lighting equipment around the dance floor at night so you could get the best pictures of everyone dancing. They are such high quality photographs and they really show how much fun we all had. On top of your obvious skills in photography, you are such a great people person and so flexible. We really couldn't have done this with anyone else. Your willingness to work around the fact that we wouldn't be in California until right before the wedding and dealing with all of the troubles that come with transferring money from a foreign country was a truly unique quality that we would have been hard-pressed to find in anyone else. Our DJ even contacted us after the wedding to ask for your details because you impressed him so much. My dad (who thought we didn't even need a photographer before the wedding) has been raving about how hard working you were. Now we have almost 1500 incredible pictures, our albums are absolutely excellent, and we didn't have to mortgage our parents' houses for it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!