Tina Sbrigato

Tina Sbrigato is a Brooklyn-based photojournalist who developed a love of photography in grade school when her teacher showed her what was behind the door on the stairway between the 5th and 6th floor; a darkroom.

Particularly inspired by documentary-style photography, she spent several years as a street photographer, haunting the streets of her native New York to tell the visual story of life in the big city from a voyeur's perspective. The pieces of the puzzle fell into place when Tina discovered the creative and storytelling aspects of wedding photojournalism.

Tina's approach to wedding photography is to be the couple's eyes for the day, capturing the priceless, emotion-charged moments as they happen so that the couple can look back in years to come and remember their day as if it were yesterday.

Tina Sbrigato
Fahrenheit NYC Photography
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