David Paek

Long Island City in NYC is homebase for wedding photographer David Paek.
David Paek
3500+ (USD)

My name is Dave and I'm a New York City based wedding photojournalist. I'm a product of New York City having grown up in Manhattan and Queens. I currently live in Long Island City with my beautiful wife, three year old daughter, and two dogs (King Charles Cavaliers if you were wondering).

As a kid, I was into street photography, I had a few film cameras (my mother's busted Nikomat, my father's Canon FTb, and a Minolta Maxxum I bought after working summers and countless weekend jobs during high school). As an undergraduate at NYU, I remember spending endless hours in the dark room and always not having enough money for chemicals and film.

However, my love of photography entered a nascent phase when I landed my career on Wall Street. I worked eighty hour weeks in research and banking but I found myself rarely happy and never satisfied. Coming from a family of artists, I felt a different calling. About three years ago I had unique opportunities to assist some world renown wedding photographers on the weekends. I'm proud to say that I spent fourteen years on Wall Street but I have recently made the transition to a full-time wedding photographer and I've never looked back and I've never been happier.