William West

William  West

William began his career as a professional photographer in 2006, and has photographed more than 350 weddings throughout the United States and abroad.

William's unique style is a natural result of his interest in art, design, and culture. With a background in business development and graphic communications, William has worked with a diverse group of publications, such as Rolling Stone, Architectural Digest, The New Yorker, Men's Journal, Bon Appétit, and Artforum.

When he's not working on an assignment, William likes to relax at home with his amazing wife and three beautiful daughters.

William is proud to be a member of the WPJA.

William West
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Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of William West. Click an image to view a larger version.

  • Sarah & Blair

    Sarah & Blair

    Married 4 years ago
    You made our wedding day stress free, allowing us to enjoy every aspect, while knowing you would capture our story perfectly. From shots in the farm field to standing on the horse pasture fence, every moment was creative and exciting.
  • Laura & Tim

    Laura & Tim

    Married 7 years ago
    It was a great experience working with you. You were very unobtrusive and gave us beautiful, candid photography. You were very flexible with all of our requests, and we would highly recommend your work. You were on time, courteous and professional, and we received the photos on time as promised. We were very impressed by your candid style that captured the special moments of our day.
  • Julia & Ankit

    Julia & Ankit

    Married 8 years ago
    The most important thing about your work is that you made our wedding day special and memorable. You are not only a great photographer but also a really pleasant and understanding person. As far as photography goes, you are a pro. The pictures you captured were really special and unique and show that you have a great eye. Most of the time you were "invisible" and didn't make us feel self-conscious (like a lot of other photographers can). This was great since my husband and I could just be ourselves, without worrying about the camera (and this is important if you don't want your wedding album to look fake-posed). It seems that without a lot of effort you were able to capture all the romance and joy of our special day. You also work well in indoor and outdoor environments. We had a candle-lit ceremony so there was not a lot of light, but you made it work and the pictures were great! In fact, we continue to get compliments on our photos every time we share our wedding album with friends or relatives. We are really happy to have found you! Great job!
  • Audra & Albert

    Audra & Albert

    Married 4 years ago
    I cannot give enough positive feedback for your photography. From the beginning my fiance and I felt at ease. You inspired confidence. You are very responsive to emails, extremely flexible and understanding of what we wanted for our day. That's before we saw your photos! Your work is truly incredible. And what others have said about you staying out of the way could not be more true...I know my fiance, who really appreciates his privacy-especially before something as serious as our wedding ceremony-felt at ease with you as you really let the moments happen and captured them without getting in the middle of it all.
  • Aubrey & Paul

    Aubrey & Paul

    Married 4 years ago
    WOW!!! I love both of the pictures--Paul & I especially love the first one where we are walking down the aisle-- Paul says he loves my smile in my vows, and man was I smiling big (and so was he :) Thank you SO much!!!! We are planning on using the first image as a thank you card for those people who celebrated our wedding w us--yay!!!
  • Amanda & David

    Amanda & David

    Married 3 years ago
    You were very responsive and flexible. Your eye and style are fantastic and you are very calm and collected. Since the day we booked over the phone long distance, you made us feel very confident and relaxed in choosing your service. We saw preview photos the very next day and we LOVE them. Your value is excellent and I highly recommend you to anyone. We can't wait to see the rest of the photos!
  • Susan & Benjamin

    Susan & Benjamin

    Married 7 years ago
    Our wedding photo experience with you was exceptional! You were very professional and creative. All of our photographs turned out more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. You were able to capture the feelings and the beauty of our very special day in every photo. You were a pleasure to work with and our wedding day turned out to be the most amazing day. Your relaxed and creative style allowed us to have a lot of fun and really be ourselves. Most of the time, we didn’t even know you were there taking our photo. The photographs are amazing and we had so many to choose from. You set out to capture the beauty and magic of our special day and succeeded beyond all of our expectations. You are a true professional and talented photographer. We can’t thank you enough for providing us with beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!
  • Katie & Tom

    Katie & Tom

    Married 1 year ago
    Will... I am dying over the pics! They are stunning! Thank you, thank you for everything and being so easy to work with!
  • Tanya & Pete

    Tanya & Pete

    Married 2 years ago
    Thank you so much William! I just took a quick spin through and they are beautiful! Again, super big thank you. Pete and I know how early you came and how late you worked and we REALLY appreciate it. The pictures are beautiful and it's so wonderful having these moments captured forever. You were a pleasure to work with and I plan to recommend you to anyone who asks.

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