Kevin Quinlan

Kevin  Quinlan

Kevin Quinlan is an unobtrusive wedding photojournalist with a strong background in fine art. Kevin holds a Bachelors of Fine Art degree in Fine Art/Photography from the University of Delaware. Conveying the authentic real emotions and happiness present on a bride and groom's wedding day is what originally drew Kevin to the photo-journalistic approach to wedding photography in 2003. Kevin has also worked as a commercial photographer with clients such as The University of Delaware, Philadelphia Magazine, and Delaware Today. ,

Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Kevin Quinlan. Click an image to view a larger version.

  • Kira and Larry

    Kira and Larry

    Married 7 years ago
    Thank you so much for the DVDs.. they arrived today.. the pictures came beautiful and we couldn't be happier.. you shot our wedding exactly how we wanted.... I looked at the website and DVDs 3x already! They really came out great!,
  • Jamie and Scott

    Jamie and Scott

    Married 7 years ago
    Wow!!!!!!! They are awesome. Thank you so much to you and your wife for the incredible job that you did. We've had several fabulous compliments on your work and professionalism since our wedding. Now with the pictures online, the compliments are pouring in. You can count on us to put a wonderful word out there for your business! A recent quote from one of my bridesmaids: Pictures are awesome. That guy is a photographic genius. ,
  • Samantha and Marc

    Samantha and Marc

    Married 7 years ago
    We all love the photos! You worked your magic and caught some really great moments. -From the Mother of The Bride,
  • Megan And Allen

    Megan And Allen

    Married 6 years ago
    They are AMAZING!!!!! Thank you so much:),
  • Meg and Matt

    Meg and Matt

    Married 6 years ago
    You really outdid yourself, I've gotten so many compliments. They really are fantastic!,

Wedding Photography Packages

All Packages Include:
• Nearly unlimited photography time on your wedding day ( 9 hours )
• A DVD containing all of the selected images from your wedding day in both Color (Full Resolution!) and Black and White (approximately 700+ images).
• The rights to reproduce any of the images from your wedding for personal use by (You can get your re-prints and albums made anywhere)
• A web site containing all of the edited images (700+ images) from your wedding to send to friends and family.