Wai Kong

Wai  Kong

I am Kong Wai (江威), currently based in Hong Kong and available for inbound and outbound travel tasks. I love photography, art directing, design, song writing, playing music, traveling and Jesus.

I have been a graphic / advertising designer for over 4 years, specializing in design, art direction and photography. I would like to use my understanding of composition and space to capture the unique beauty of my subjects.

For me, weddings are a love story. Each couple has their own story. I like to show a series of quality photos telling a complete story rather than posting a few good images. I like to be a friend to participate in the wedding and record the whole wedding by my observation.,

Wai Kong
History Studio
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Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Wai Kong. Click an image to view a larger version.

  • Crystal & Shaheed

    Crystal & Shaheed

    Married 5 years ago
    Thanks a ton History-studio! We couldn't be more happier to have you be our photographer on the day. Your relaxed and creative style allowed us to have a lot of fun. The photographs are amazing and we appreciated your efforts to capture every joyful moment on the day. Thanks once again for making our day so beautifully memorable.
  • Gloria & Fung

    Gloria & Fung

    Married 5 years ago
    Thanks Kong Wai for taking such a beautiful pictures on our wedding day! The pictures are definitely unique and remarkable. It's not just photography, it is a documentary that record every wonderful moment of our day! We especially love the way you capture photos with interesting composition and lighting. Which make every shot a natural beauty. I believe even 10 years later or more, when we look into those pictures, it will still be fresh and stylish. Thank you Kong Wai, we are so proud that you are our photographer!
  • Joanne & Kenneth

    Joanne & Kenneth

    Married 5 years ago
    Your photography is refreshing! Love the natural light! You captured the perfect moment of me and my wife. It's not just about the end result, we had a fun and relaxing time shooting with you! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!
  • Mei Fong & Ernie

    Mei Fong & Ernie

    Married 5 years ago
    You are a very talented photographer and have a pair of artistic eyes, I am very happy with how the pictures turn out. Thank you again for being the photographer on my big day and help creating a life long memory of ours.

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