Chenthil Bharathi Mohan

Chenthil  Bharathi Mohan

Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year 2012 Finalist.

My photography is a near perfect representation of my state of mind and its interpretation of the world around me. I tell stories with my camera. Each photo represents a unique moment suspended in time, capturing emotions, telling an entire story through a frame. Uniquely as I see it. I do a lot of regular commercial work. But perhaps this is why a lot of my work has been to do with weddings. Weddings are a time of heightened emotions, a time when when unique moments present themselves plentifully to the discerning photographer.

 I truly believe that no photograph is ordinary. Often, looking at things from a new perspective, an alternate dimension, the odd angle, or different light makes even the mundane special. Everything and everyone around me has a story to tell and I am waiting with a camera to capture it.

Chenthil Bharathi Mohan
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