Serkan Durmusoglu

Serkan  Durmusoglu

Hi and welcome to my profile;

I started photography back in 1999, and wedding photography in 2007. I am the first member of WPJA from Turkey :) I shoot around 30 weddings a year. 30 is enough to be able to be creative, and full of energy for the next weedding. Over half of the weddings I shoot are Destination Weddings in Turkey from around UK, India, Germany, Iran, Canada, USA, Italy, France, Kazakhistan, Azerbaijan...

Before you proceed, I strongly suggest that you read my post on my website "WEDDING STORIES SECTION" about "choosing your destination wedding photographer, in Turkey"

I could have written more about my equipment, how experienced I am, techniques etc.etc. :)

All I can says, I am focused on "your moments"...smiles, laughters, tears and emotions. The moments, that you will still feel and remember it 30 years after the photo is taken.

English is a barrier when it comes to destination weddings in Turkey, which is not an issue for me at all.
I am your Free of charge translator for the hair dressers, Make up guys as well;)

Visit my web site, read wedding stories of weddings in Turkey, check my portfolio.

A few pieces of advice,
-Check photographer's portfolio carefully.
-Check not only "few fancy shots" from a a wedding, but also one whole wedding.
-Make sure you Skype, this will give you a lot of impression about the photographer other than his/her work.
-Share the photos that represent your style.
-Do not forget; photographers can help you on subjects other than photography! (I know how it feels to manage a destination wedding thousand miles away from home).

My best wishes for you & Good Luck!

Serkan Durmusoglu
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Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Serkan Durmusoglu. Click an image to view a larger version.

  • Emre & Annette

    Emre & Annette

    Married 3 years ago
    Thank you for the incredible job you did documenting our three-day wedding in Bozcaada, Turkey! We know it was not an easy assignment, with the picnic, beach party, henna party, arabian nights party, rehearsal dinner, first look, and the wedding festivities! You were tireless throughout the whole event, and we and all of our guests really loved your energy and enthusiasm that you brought to the event. You had so many great ideas for different shots and poses that we hadn't thought of ourselves. And we were really comfortable with you the entire time, which is absolutely reflected in our photos. Everyone has remarked how beautifully our photos turned out. We couldn't be happier with them. From the detailed photos of the farm and dinner, to the dramatic photos in the castle, to the vineyard photos of the two of us, to the photos of the parties with the lights and were so versatile and really captured the event perfectly. Thank you for making the photography one of the best parts of our wedding!
  • Richard & Karly

    Richard & Karly

    Married 2 years ago
    From the very start it has been a pleasure to work with you. You speak great English for a start which made our lives a lot easier. You were both happy to spend a long time talking via Skype in order to get to know us and understand exactly what we wanted from the day. We gave you a long list of shots and things we wished to be included and you never failed to deliver, the results were incredible! Firstly the photos. You gave us a wide variety of options and captured some unique moments from our day. You somehow managed to be in more places than one which was great to see the day from different perspectives. The quality of all the shots were fantastic and we cannot thank you enough. You are such lovely person and made us feel at ease the entire day, even at the stressful points. Your creative ideas really inspired us and you always seemed to be on trend with the photography world. We would highly recommend you to anyone getting married in Turkey. Thank You, Richard, Karly & Raffey xxx
  •  Caroline & Charlie

    Caroline & Charlie

    Married 4 years ago
    Sekan, these are great, thank you!! Wow! Amazing. Thank you so much. You captured everything!
  • Hande & Can

    Hande & Can

    Married 3 years ago
    Our wedding day was on the same days as Occupy Istanbul Protests with many concerns in our minds. Thank you so much making our wedding fun, exciting, full of love and joy! Special thanks for the candid moment shots, we thought you were gone :) And Can's jumping in the water...Priceless.
  • Sema and Justin

    Sema and Justin

    Married 3 years ago
    Thank you for your outstanding work, the photos are amazing and we are blown away by the unique shots which captured every moment. You have formed each photo into a piece of artwork. You captured our personalities, creative images of the details of our wedding, each special moment and took our simplistic theme and created breathtaking images of our wedding whilst capturing the beautiful views of Istanbul, better then we ever imagined! You are a truly gifted artist and it was an absolute pleasure having you with us on our wedding day, we cannot thank you enough for your fantastic work and our stunning photos full of wonderful memories.
  • Amy and Steven

    Amy and Steven

    Married 4 years ago
    We were so pleased to hire you as our photographer on our wedding day in Beldibi, Turkey. It was fun spending the whole day (including Turkish Bath with the boys:). Your photos, took great impression from our family and friends:) Specially the ones on the Pier. Thank you & Good Luck!
  • Gokce and Deniz

    Gokce and Deniz

    Married 5 years ago
    We were so lucky to be able to book you for our wedding in Istanbul. We had great time with you resulting great photos! Our Facebook t-shirts you made, we still keep them :) and I cannot forget the moment when the stress was 100% and need some relaxing music; and you brought your Norah Jones CD :) Thank you and Good luck!
  • Sonia & Charles

    Sonia & Charles

    Married 5 years ago
    Our wedding day, one of the most important days in a couple’s lives and we were planning ours while we were on a deployment in Afghanistan. The best tool we had was the internet. The photographer that our wedding planner suggested was way out of our budget, so the search began for photographers in the Istanbul area. Our search criteria was: 1. Quality Photography 2. Stay within a budget 3. Speaks Good English Not only did we get all of that with you, but we found a new friend. You made the whole day very special and captured every detail we could imagine. You took the time to get to know us and our story through email. Once we got to Istanbul, you also took the time to have lunch with us a couple of days before the wedding. In this meeting we talked about what we wanted and also some things about Istanbul. Our wedding day was even more important to us because our wedding was just the two of us. Our friends and family would sadly not be there, they would share this day with us through his photos. And that they did. My mother and father cried. Thank you Serkan
  • Penny & Hooman

    Penny & Hooman

    Married 5 years ago
    Serkan, it was this time of the year last year exactly. You did an awsome Job! thank you.
  • Vaya & Dimitris

    Vaya & Dimitris

    Married 1 year ago
    Serkan, first of all thank you for your kind hospitality and support during our wedding day in Istanbul. It was so great that you were able to capture preperations of both of us, even we stay in different hotels kilometer aways from each other. Destination weddings are not easy to pland and manage. Your English and and Wedding eperience, made it much easier for us to arrange not only Photography and also the whole day. The Photographs you shot were amazing, that you could capture every single detail of our natural moments, especially my look to Dimitis by the end of the religious ceremony. We were a big fan of photo journalistic wedding photography and you proved it. We will always remember you as a great talent and a smiling face (whtever happens). Vaya & Dimitris

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