Jerome Pollos

When a Navy recruiter asked me what I liked to do, I told him, "I like to DJ."

And that's where my career as a photographer began ... kind of. See, the military sent me to a journalism school in 1995 to study broadcast journalism, print journalism, and there was a two-week course in photography. You'd think this is where my interest began, but you'd be wrong. I failed the photography portion. I had an immense dislike for it. I wasn't worried. I was going to be a radio DJ.

It didn't happen as planned. I was sent to a newspaper in Washingon, D.C.

Let's just say my time spent in the military got me on the path to photography once I realized the images I made were recorded history of memories to be saved and shared by individuals and families for decades. As a radio DJ, I played music and read the weather. There was no comparison — I was hooked on photography.

This is where I brag a little about myself. I've won 37 Associated Press awards for my photography. I've also been published in magazines, newspapers and various documentary-focused websites around the world. All of this wouldn't be possible without a strong support staff of my wife and two daughters cheering me on from our home in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Because I'm a professionally trained and a working photojournalist, I approach each wedding day like it's the ultimate story assignment complete with unfettered access to all the moments, emotion, laughter, tears and fun that I focus on when I'm telling a story with my images. My goal is to know that 20 years after a wedding, my bride and grooms will be able to open their wedding album and have the emotions of that day come back so they can relive those experiences again through my photography.

I'm always drawing on my years of experience to find the best way to highlight the people who I'm lucky enough to photograph.

Jerome Pollos
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Too many choices can overwhelm you and cause a horrible headache. Especially when you're planning an event already presenting too many choices. Headaches are bad and I don't want to be the cause. This is why I offer two price points based on the amount of time I provide to document your wedding day. All wedding services include the high-resolution digital files delivered on flash drive that are color corrected and adjusted for tonal quality.