Cindy Brown

An overeducated wedding photojournalist and Atlanta native, Cindy is a recovering chocoholic, adventurous traveler and all around nerd. She loves to hike with her wife and photo partner, Sharon and their beagle/cattle dog Roux, the valedictorian of his puppy school class.

After graduating with honors from the Art Institute of Atlanta, Cindy took a job at a small newspaper in South Georgia, where she photographed hospital teas, horse trainers, pecan farmers, basketball coaches and beauty queens.

She interned with the Associated Press while finishing her bachelor’s, then worked as a staff photographer for two daily newspapers in Florida. An unexpected life turn took her to Vermont for one incredibly cold winter and on to Indiana, where she worked as a picture editor for a large daily, and completed a master’s and PhD.

After teaching photojournalism at colleges and universities in Florida, Indiana and Mississippi, she returned to Atlanta to earn … you guessed it … yet another degree.

Her passion for storytelling with her camera, along with her interest in religious and cultural diversity led her into the field of wedding photojournalism. She has documented weddings large and small, Unitarian and Pagan, indoors and out, Christian and Muslim, in backyards and in churches. The most exotic wedding she has photographed took place in Tulum, Mexico and was officiated by a Mayan shaman.

She cries during the father-daughter dance, laughs during the toasts and sneaks a piece of wedding cake when no one is looking. On occasion, she has been known to dance while photographing the reception.

When she’s not photographing weddings, portraits or corporate events, she works on personal photo projects, visits her Mom in a memory-care unit, and volunteers at a recovery center.

Cindy Brown
2700+ (USD)

Client Letters

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  • Jenny & James

    Jenny & James

    Married 8 years ago
    It was great working with Cindy. She took great photos and posted an awesome slideshow online within just a couple of days of the wedding. She posted the full set of photos soon after, and we and our family and friends were able to order the prints we wanted online. Cindy also did a fantastic job designing an album for us, completing it within six weeks after the wedding. We would highly recommend her as a wedding photographer. She is reliable and great to work with - definitely worth the price.
  • Erica and Jason

    Erica and Jason

    Married 5 years ago
    The slideshow is marvelous. It is a rare photographer and her team who can make an awesome slideshow entirely out of candid shots! It's exactly what we wanted. I got tears in my eyes, Jason said he was immediately transported back to the day, and my mother, who is a firm believer in posed shots, sent me an email saying, "IT IS FANTASTIC!" Thank you so much. Erica
  • Kate and Kyle

    Kate and Kyle

    Married 4 years ago
    Cindy, Thank you SO MUCH. This is amazing and we couldn't be happier. We're so grateful for the way you captured our special day. With abundant gratitude, Kate and Kyle
  • Maggie and Tim

    Maggie and Tim

    Married 4 years ago
    Cindy, greetings from St. Kitts! Just wanted to give you a heads-up that I took the link to our slideshow off my facebook page, so that we can give our families a chance to see them before everyone we're connected with on Facebook. Tim and I just watched the slideshow a couple times, and the pictures are FAN-TAS-TIC! Love love love them. Kudos to you and Sharon, and we can't wait to see more. Hope you guys are doing well. Maggie
  • David and Anne

    David and Anne

    Married 5 years ago
    Cindy - The photos are amazing. What beautiful artwork with a princess and a frog! We love the way you have captured the energy of the moment. These pictures have much more meaning than just photographs! You are the best! Thanks - David